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Every K! poster since April 2011. I don't own any of these photos and do this entirely out of respect for the writers, photographers and music making Kerrang! so awesome! I have a 2 year backlog of Kerrangs so if you would like a certain poster or picture put up just ask and I'll try my best to get it for you, but don't forget to check in the band archives first! Enjoy!

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Scans stolen and used on instagram/twitter by Hayley Williams, Mike Duce and Jenna McDougall!
Sorry, it just makes me proud!
do you have personal blog?

Yes! It’s musicandchocolateandearlesscats, not getting much blogging done at the minute because A-levels are crazy! But I will be again over the summer! :D

31.May.14 4 months ago

Hey guys you should go an give Lucy at kerrang-rocksound lots of love! She’s scanning posters from both kerrang and rocksound in wonderful high quality! :D

18.May.14 5 months ago
how come you havent up dadted :( hope all is ok

OK hello everyone, might’ve noticed I’m not around much anymore! But don’t worry I’m fine! Just too busy to update! However I don’t want this awesome thing to die! So if you think you are at all capable of getting HD images of kerrang onto a blog then let me know! It doesn’t have to be every issue ever or anything, just so something can carry on! I can make you a member of the blog which will mean you get to make posts! Any questions let me know and please reblog so as many people as possible can see! :D

13.Jan.14 9 months ago

It’s December! Don’t forget to change your calendar, mine has Oli and Josh from BMTH and YMAS on it this month!

Posters in K! 1492 are organised like so…

  • A3 Danny/ A4 Korn & A4 FVK
  • A4 BMTH / A4 Mitch
  • A4 FOB/ Poster Summary
17.Nov.13 11 months ago

K! 1492

K! 1492

K! 1492

K! 1492

K! 1492

K! 1492

no posters this week?

They’re on the way! Probably tomorrow, sorry for the wait! :/

16.Nov.13 11 months ago
could you scan the pages of the fall out boy article in issue 1491? if you can't though, I understand!

I don’t scan full articles, sorry! I can scan the pictures for you if you want?

14.Nov.13 11 months ago
Lacuna Coil and August Burns Red posters please ^_^

Not sure I have any, but I’ll have a look for you!

14.Nov.13 11 months ago

Posters! Yay!

This weeks issue of K! has posters of Asking Alexandria, Fall Out Boy, Fearless Vampire Killers, Bring Me The Horizon, Mitch Lucker and Korn!

14.Nov.13 11 months ago